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Win or Lose Nov 4 We must Fix our Government

America we have a problem! Politicians and their pundits

have made things so bad, that even though we vote we never know if

things will change.

Now this is not a new problem, but it is one that has gotten worse over the decades to a point where we can no longer trust our news to even give us a glimmer of truth anymore. We are at a point where a real revolution could be coming in our near future, if we don’t wake up and figure out that government is to big and the people who run it have gone completely power hungry, stepping all over us by not passing laws, but by just enacting regulation that become some in-cumbersome that the normal everyday American can barley pay their own bills, never mind build a business and grow a great future, and then we have are so called News organization who spend more time talking about themselves and how they are increasingly wonderful they are and how their competition is not bad not really wrong but not as cool or as right as they are, they are just not them. Combine this news dribble with the tons of useless commercials they all have and what we end up with is a government that can do anything it wants anytime it wants since no one is really watching it or dares to report it, because the whole whistle blowers joke is that it is just a joke, if you work for the government and dare to report anything wrong it does you will be booted out and treated like an Ebola carrier.

There is still time to repair and rebuild America, but this will take all of us to come together as one to force our government to change had really thought we might have had that voice with the Edward Snowden leaks and the WikiLeaks before him, but between our News and our government both have been made out as evil doers only. So it is going to come down to each one of us to stand up and join as one voice so we can change our government from control the people to by the people again. 

When is enough, enough? Well the time is now! The Obama Administration has shown itself to have blatant disregard and disrespect for our system of government as well as for the law of the land, and the Constitution. Obama and his cronies operate as if the United States is a dictatorship and operate like a Chicago crime syndicate. They do what they want, when they want, with absolutely no regard to the law. So how do we change this and how do we rebuild our government into one that works for us not against us? The first step is this November 4th we must unite and take back our Senate this is a simple thing to do today, we must get out and vote in huge numbers, but actions speak much louder then words, so instead of us cheering oursleves and acting like we have miraculously solved all our problems, we must take the next inevitable but the hardest step, we must truly and fully participate in running our government is all aspects. This means that we must protect government whistle blowers and must raise our voice not as individuals but as a nation. We must stand up to our News first they depend on us to watch which generates advertising dollars, if we turn them off even for a short period of time and we raise our voices loud they will feel the pressure to get back out and to do their jobs again, image our News really reporting, really digging deep into stories, this we can make happen very fast with in ninety days we can begin to change how they report, which would make our government change how it behaves, the only thing our government fears is US, Yes US.

We can repair the damage that has been done, and we can begin to repair our broken dysfunctional government, we begin by throwing out every single Democrat in the Senate we can this year, then we attack our News by boycotting them and their advertisers, if we apply enough pressure and we don’t sit back and rest thinking we have solved the problems, we support and defend government whistle blowers, then things will begin to change. This does not take decades or years, it only takes us all standing as one. The day to begin this Win or Lose on November 4 is November 5.






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