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Why Eric Cantor’s loss Means Bigger losses for the Democrats



Eric Cantor Lost and lost big, Why? It is simple people all over America are tried of Washington

We are so tried of the everyday normal BS that Washington gives us, but the ones that really need to fear this are the Democrats, yes Harry Reid and his Senate crew of idiots are the ones who will really pay the price for their arrogance and hatred of all of us, the normal American people, we have all had it, we are sick and tried of laws that make no sense taxes being used to fund the lifestyle of  the Washington elite. These people who act like the care about us, DON’T they care only for themselves and for their pocketbooks, almost none of them ran for office to be guardsman for the people. They ran because they wanted they the power and prestige of being a Washington insider.

The time is now and the people are revolting, we are sick and tried of all the lies and mistrust that everyone in Washington tells us or shows us, these people don’t work together to build a better America, they work to get special interest groups to give them high priced vacations, big book deals and paid speaking engagements once they leave office, they really care nothing about the people they are paid to represent.

Washington you don’t care about us the people at all, you have not passed one law in such a long that would benefit the people, instead you have passed laws that the special interest groups have told or better said ordered you to pass to benefit them. Just take Heath-care reform this law is one to worst laws ever written it was not even read before our so called great and powerful House and Senate passed it, this should be illegal so illegal that every Democrat in Congress should be throw in jail for life! But no they just stand up and lie about it, never having read still today.

Can anyone think of one bill, one piece of legislation one action by our Federal Government, that helps US the PEOPLE, the answer is NO!!

Our Congress one the best paid most luxurious jobs anyone could have is just a joke, a really bad joke that we all are paying for each day, the government has gotten to big our debt is to high and we the people have to pay the bills, live by the laws congress can’t even bother to read and we are suppose to smile and say please give me more, I feel like Oliver Twist standing up to ask for more food, and being laughed at then punished for asking, how dare I or you ask for anything. Our King and his bumbling idiots don’t care about us, only about our VOTE!

It is time to show them, that OUR VOTE COUNTS OUR VOTE IS POWERFUL, WE MUST SCARE THEM INTO SUBMISSION, This is the first year of us taking back the power from Washington and in 2016 we must rise up stronger and louder and take back our Government fully.

Eric you lost because you became part of Washington you did not represent the people of Virgina, but you are only the first this year we must begin to take back our government by voting out those who stopped listening and passed laws that effect us not them, the time is now, we must all rise up to take back our country.

And to the Dear Democrats, the people are coming for you, the lies will no longer work, the TRUTH is at your door so say goodbye now, because we are all tried of being lied to told to beg for our food. Goodbye in November!

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