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We WON!!! Now we must go to work

Last night was a huge victory, and when I say huge I mean it was a total beat down of the Democratic party. Now with that said it is time we get right back to work, first thing that needs to be done is we have stand on our new Senators and House’s back make sure they do not get stuck fighting each other, but they get right to work repairing all the damage Harry Reid and his Democratic gang of fools has done to us over the past 6 years. First on the agenda is the Key Stone Pipeline, with everything that is going on in the Middle East we need to secure our own future of gas and oil, we need to make sure that with Canada’s help that we keep our fuel prices low and increase jobs, this can not be quickly and easily.

Then it comes down hard things that need to be done all our critical to building jobs and reducing American’s debts and monthly bills, #1 the so called Affordable Care Act  needs to be completely rewritten focusing on not taking away anyones Health Care but allowing people to opt out and stay on policies they like, the whole medical device tax needs to go away and States need to be in-charge of it this the IRS and all Federal agencies need to be removed from it. The law needs to help reduce our federal government and reduce the costs for all of us. Second and this is a huge one and one we need to pressure OUR new Senate and House to do, as of today there is $2.4 Trillion dollars in corporate profits overseas, the only reason this money is not back here is that our corporate taxes are way to high, this needs to be greatly reduced and then we cannot let our government just take the money OH NO we know they would just waste it. Here is how to bring the money back home to help give the government a small piece of it and to build new jobs and businesses fast. This is what needs to done the corporate tax rate needs to be dropped to 20% only all tax breaks can then go away on money coming home it needs to be taxed at 12% with 5% of that being used to as no interest loans  that is $110,000,000,000 this money given out equally to all 50 states means that 20,000 people in each state can get a loan of $110,000. This puts 20,000 new businesses in each state and lets say that each business hire 5 people this means 5,000,000 new jobs across America that means 5,000,000 taxes payers 5,000,0000 new people being able to buy more things, it means a full recovery, plus add all the jobs that the big evil horrible corporations will have, means Welfare Food Stamps all the other money give aways we do now are greatly reduced, we don’t just patch this we fix them.

The finally this our Congress needs to do is reduce the Federal Government by 10% do it by hiring freezes across all agencies other then for critical people and the Military LEAVE THAT ALONE OH Yeah and get rid of the government unions they are just a rip off, over 5 years the 10% drop would happen, this means within 7 to 10 years we have a complete balanced budget people working living happy paying taxes and are just satisfied.

OK GOP you are in charge now it is time to do the right thing, Obama will not veto these things he wants to be remember as a great President give him the chance to do that, because if he veto’s great workable ideas he will be Jimmy Carter 2.0 but without any hope of doing anything good in life, he has a huge ego help him become a great X-President

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