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King Obama’s Immigration Hoax

Our King is back, God Save America!

We could all stand up and scream, we could March on Washington, we could do everything to in our power to let King Obama know that he is wrong about taking any action without congress, it would do no good. On November 4th Republicans  took back the Senate built a huge majority in the House that has not been seen since WWI, all to see that just weeks later the King will bypass the peoples vote and do something to break the fabric of country.

Now amnesty in itself is not a bad idea, if done right. The problem is our King has never done anything right, he uses his office to force upon us all, whatever he deems should be and makes  it appears that no matter that the people rose up and spoke that our King will not listen, now here is what our King did last night, he just screwed over the 5 + million people he was supposedly trying to help. How did he do this? well he first he made it impossible for congress to take any action on passing a bill, they should sit back do nothing right now because all King Obama has done is make is really easy now for all the illegal aliens to be found tracked and deported in 2 years, that is all he did is make the job of deportation as simple as driving up to someone home and arrest them, deport them.

I can tell you this if I was an illegal alien, I would not sign up for King Obama’s declaration of freedom, because all it does it make it easier to be deported, now the government would know where I live have all my information and in two years a knock on my door and I am gone! You’re Majesty the Great and Power Obama you just screwed over 5 million people, the ones you claimed you were trying to protect why? So you could prove to the Republican party that you are still relevant? Or so the world still thinks you are super cool and omnipotent still? Or could it be that you have a ego problem and you don’t play well with others? Yes that is it. Well all you have done you’re Majesty is create a huge giant mess, when all you had to do was sit down, act like a real leader and talk to the other side, you know be a human-being not an irrational pain in everyone rear section.

So what should our new Congress do about this? absolutely nothing, all King Obama wants is a fight so he can get up in front of cameras and act like he is right and everyone else his wrong, then man is on a huge ego trip and the only was to deflate him is to pat him on his head and ignore his childish temper tantrum, nothing needs to be done. The GOP needs to play the adults here, just turn their backs on him and get to real work fixing the country, there is less then two years now till we elect a new President and we want someone smart caring, someone who works with the other side to get real reforms done, so for now leave the Boy King alone, just turn away and get to real work, that is why we elected you.

Congress do all of us a favor please let the Boy King act like he has some power ignore him on this, all he wants is a fight so he can pretend he still matters, don’t bite into this, there is no real damage this action will do, and in two years when you win back the White House, then you can write and enact a real immigration law one that protects our borders first then allows people here to apply under the law to stay and contribute to our country. But for now let the Boy King play his game, let him throw his temper tantrum and when he is done and sees it has no effect maybe just maybe he will play nice and work with you to fix America.






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