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Kay Hagan Stole $400,000 DOJ Investigating

North Carolina before you go out and vote tomorrow, you need to really understand that you’re Senator Kay Hagan is under investigation by the Department of Justice for taking $400,000 in stimulus money and giving it her husbands company, of that money over $126,000 dollars was left over from his company and that money was place into their personal bank account  and used to pay their personal bills. She also tried to have a Judge that was ruling a law suit in her favor appointed to the Federal bench, these crimes for any other politician or should say any Republican politician who be announced loud and clear and fully prosecuted, but Kay Hagan is a Democrat and these days that means she can steal all the money she wants bribe a Judge to find in her favor and even though the Justice Department is investigating they most likely will not prosecute her.

Now why have no charges been filed, the Department of Justice has held off doing anything, they may still prosecute her but the chances are now very low that will happen, an inside source has said that charges we recommended to be filed in August of 2013, but were put on hold from high up in the DOJ Washington. Did Eric Holder do this? Did President Obama have anything to do with it? These are questions that we really need to find out. How did a sitting US Senator help fund her husband company and then take over one third of the money and put it into her personal bank account and no charges are filed.

Then we have the Press who seems to have buried this story, both CBS and NBC have had this story for over a year, yes there have been some small stories written about this but all from what the News would call Right Winged Hate Sites, but the fact is the story is true and seems to becoming out a little more everyday, and with a day till the election will it matter, probably not, should it matter Hell Yes, if the charges are true and the DOJ has sat on them, then not only is Kay Hagan guilty but our whole government is guilty of covering up her crime to help benefit  the President.

North Carolina hope you think about your vote tomorrow and put someone in office who does not steal your money heck all our money for themselves and then want to be reelected to do it again.


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