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Iraq is lost now WHY?

To all of you that want to complain about Iraq and act like you know what happened. You are lying to yourselves and to all of us. Do any of you remember 9/11/2001 We were attacked and did not know where the attacks came from, yes we guessed and made some mistakes. But we had to defend our country.

Now if you want to look

How we lost Iraq

How we lost Iraq

back at this and act like you stood up and fought that we should have not gone in, your lying. Was it a mistake YES did we do it for the right reason at the time YES. So stop acting like you know or knew then you are crazy. Right after 9/11/01 we all rose up and wanted revenge wanted to make sure this could never happen again.

Now we are in a bigger problem then we ever were, We walked away from Iraq and they are being taken over by the most evil group man has ever known, complete crazy terrorists, who hate women, who hate anyone that will not bow down to them. Should we ever have left NO! we went in to protect America and now we are in more danger then when 9/11/01 happened.

Why? is the question the answer is simple we elected someone, who thinks he only knows best and is so full of himself that he will not listen anyone who might disagree with him. Within a few weeks Iraq is gone, the worst part about this for America right now is the news won’t care to report it and if they do they will take the side of Obama, not the side of what is right.

9/11/01 happened because we did not pay attention to what was going on around us, it will happen again, but this time it will be bigger more deadly and much more costly in the amount of lives and money we will have to spend to defend ourselves, this time we might not have the money or will to do it.

President Obama Wake up now we are close to losing America

Our Borders are not secure, our government does not care is not looking at the facts, it is obsessed with changing America into a give me all I will do nothing country, Oh other then vote for the ones who steal all our money, give our jobs away, and then blame us for it.

Iraq yes a mistake, but one we own one we should support and help to make sure it is free and safe. WHY to just protect ourselves NO! To make sure REAL people not radical criminals can build lives for themselves can create free governments that allow people to make money support their families and live happy.

Today the world is at a point where we no longer care, where we just let in anyone and yes Terrorists are coming, they see us as weak and know they can attack, and bring radical Islam to America.

Either we grow up now or we will lose our freedoms and many many lives in OUR country as we are attacked and made to feel like we are the devil. It is time to all stand up, lets end this now!

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