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Hollywood is just Left Winged Wimps

Both Sony Pictures and Paramount Pictures proved that the left is nothing more then loud mouthed wimps

Yes they have shown their true inner beings, loud angry mean wimps! I can tell you this I will never watch an action movie again without laughing my butt of at it, and Horror movies oh my god, I would be surprised if anyone in Hollywood does not pee their pants while making them. I mean common North Korea the bully country of the world as scared Hollywood into dumping one film and not allowing another one not to be released into theaters, why? will the big bad North Koreans take their lunch money?

But the scariest part of this is that King Obama loves Hollywood as matter of fact is moving there after he is done wimping out the country. The last brave mean that came out of Hollywood was Ronald Reagan now we have Dudley Do Wrong and either Hillary the Witched Witch of the West or Elizabeth Warren Chief Lie A Lot running in 2016 this is the whole great Democratic Party. Something is just not right with any of them, and lets not go into our so called News or the Howdy Reid and Congress.

There is only one thing to do, the Right needs to come out and protect the Left from the big bully, yes they are smart some, not many are nice people, but they are just wimps who it appears other then loud words and maybe some Government sanctions can not defend themselves, so guess what. We the Right the evil ones as they call us must come out and make North Korea pay for picking on our poor Left; Yup that is what as to be done now, or they crazy North Koreans, the Chinese and Russian along with Cuba will force them into giving away America to protect themselves from getting hurt.

I don’t know about you, but I won’t let my brothers and sisters no matter how wrong they are all the time, get beaten up by a bully, we are after all Americans and we stand up and protect the little guys, so the time as come to stand up again and to make North Korea wish they had not picked on our poor pathetic Left . No we are not going to war, no we won’t place sanctions like that would work LOL. Nope what we will do is make the little bully Kim Jong Un pay for his slap in the face of our left by making sure his own people laugh at him and see him and his government for who they really are, just dumb insecure bullies who can be beaten and throw out like the trash they are.

Beating a bully is a simple process, it starts by making fun of the bully in public openly, by showing everyone who is afraid of them that they are just plain old wimpy little kids who act like they are big and strong when in fact they are just nothing to be afraid of, well that is what we are going to do to North Korea or I should say their so called leadership, we will make fun of them and in todays world everyone inside North Korea will see it and will laugh and then will stand up to Kim and his gang, yes even the Military will do it as they don’t want to be hanging out with bullies who only embarrass them.

So Sony and Paramount, Obama and the whole left don’t say thank you, we know that is beyond reason, just sit back let us on the Right deal with the bully then you can come out act big and strong again and say all the bad things you always do about us, we understand wimps have no backside, its OK we are after all your Brothers and Sisters we forgive you again.

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