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#FlipTheSenate to Surive

Today we head out to vote, and this election is one of the most important we have ever had. America has changed greatly over the past six years, to a point where every crazy liberal out there seems to think that they can not only tell us how to act or if we can pray, but when they get elected to office, as in Houston Texas the mayor tried to have minsters sermons taken and used to prosecute them, this is how the crazy democrats deal with anyone that does not tow the line with them, if you disagree argue or try and run for office, they will throw every dirty nasty trick at you to make sure you are punished.

The United States Senate was one of the most auspicious branches of any Government in the world and today it is a laughing stock of corruption back room deals and has a leader Yes The Great and Powerful Harry Reid who controls it with his iron fist and has blocked  over 335 bills  from ever being heard by the Senate, then the fact that it has not passed a full budget in the 4 years but has given our President who has claimed that George Bush’s spending was out of control an unlimited cash cow that has been wasted not spent but wasted and instead of full time jobs and a robust economy we have part-time jobs we are making less money then we did 6 years ago and now have a health care system that is costing 89% of us close to double in monthly payments and has increased out of pocket up front costs by 3 times, we also are losing doctors faster ever.

For this and so many other overbearing costs, new cumbersome regulations and restrictions on how we are allowed to live our lives, as made it close to impossible for the normal everyday American to build a business, pay our bills raise and our families. Now just flipping the Senate won’t solve our problems our government has gotten to big and way to rude and indignant for 99% of to deal with anymore, it is suppose to be OUR government not theirs but all of ours, today things are truly out of control no one inside of OUR government seems to know what they are doing, they waste OUR money OUR time and then tell us to live with it. Today is a start a big one by electing people who may finally listen, now this is a small change but things  must change, we have just begun we need now to keep up the pressure to dig deep into every government office and yell and scream at our congress to change things, not say they will and never do, but to really take action.

Today is the rebirth of America! Today we all must get out and vote #FlipTheSenate make Washington listen make them understand that things must change and this change must begin now. Everyone of us Republicans, Independents and Democrats  need to go out today and Vote to change OUR Senate do not Vote only for someone you think is right Vote to change how things are done Vote to make sure your freedom and your family’s freedom will always be there, Vote to change the Senate so we can begin to change America in a positive healthy way. Vote to #FlipTheSenate

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