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Fixing Immigration does not work under Obama

Granted we have a huge immigration issue one that needs to be addressed, but under our current Commander and Chief, we have endured far to many lies, what will this lie be “If you like you’re America you can keep you’re America Period” NO!! It does not matter really what President Obama says, it will all be lies. Immigration reform needs to be done right, it needs to be handled by a real leader not an idealogical far left fool, who thinks we are all to dumb to take care of ourselves.

To do immigration right, the first thing that needs to be done is  a true border fence one that stretches along all the border, one that is dug deep into the ground at at least a few hundred feet down with sensors, that can detect anyone trying to dig a hole or climbing over. We have the technology these days, and the jobs alone of building of a real border would be immense, and since we can seem to pass budgets for everything else under the sun, why not pass one that allows America to be safe and secure, one that gives all the illegal aliens here now that ARE NOT CRIMINALS a real chance to become citizens?

The problem we have is our President, who seems to think laws have nothing to do with him, he can rewrite, change any law to fit what he wants to do. Of course then we have a huge issue of trust with President Obama who has spent the last six years lying an lying to us all on everything from Health Care to IRS to Benghazi  he lies both foreign and domestic, so how can we believe a word that comes out of his mouth, how do we trust that this immigration plan will be anything more then smoke and mirrors. We can’t there is no way that we can trust a man or a government that has done nothing but lie to us.

Just think about this Obama thinks we are all to stupid  so they wrote the So called Affordable Health Care Bill to LIE to us, what makes any of us think that any immigration action or bill done by this administration would be any different, they all seem to think we are stupid that we don’t have any rights so what they will just force upon us 30 million illegal aliens and with the stroke of a pen they all are citizens?

The problem we have now is we have a President who thinks he is GOD that all he does is prefect and everyone should drop to their knees and praise him, well if that was the case then we would not have a Republican House and Senate now, the American people have lost all faith that anything this man does will be done for any reason other then he wants to show he has power, that is all he is doing with the immigration issue, he is just trying to make the American people see he is still relevant. What any good President would do is sit down with congress work with them and come up with something that really works, but it is not going to happen, so here is what will happen by no later then next week President Obama will make a huge announcement he will act like he is the savior of the world, and he will screw it up so bad that congress will have to in January take it apart and hopefully be able to fix so that those people who did break the law in coming here illegally will go to the back of the line.

Now here is what should be done to fight Obama on this, it is simple but it is mean and it needs to be done, Congress needs to remove anyone who is not here legally from getting any form of government help, No Food Stamps, No Welfare No anything. Yes a huge giant fight will come from this, the left will go crazy, but it needs to be done, once that is done we will see millions of illegals head back to their countries and not come back.





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