Cliven Bundy Showed Us


Sometimes it takes a simple hard working man to show us all that the country we all love and believe in is flawed, it needs to be changed to what is once was no matter all the new technology all the changes to who lives here or what they care for, where they come from or who they love, there comes a time to stand up and demand the rights that our forefathers fought and died to give us, these are simple rights ones that were written over 200 years ago but have formed the basis of how our country was built and how it has grown to become the leader that every other country either admires or hates. No matter who lives here now, each one of us care about America the land of the free home of the brave, each one of us, wants the freedom to make mistakes and to build our lives as we see fit, not to be cornered by our government into being what the few aristocrats in Washington think and force upon us to be.

We all want to be free, to be able to build businesses and grown our families and our happiness, Cliven showed that in his stance to say no to the government that said he owed them money for using land his family has worked and saved for over 80 years, and yes based upon laws made up in Washington not in Nevada they claim he owes just over $1,000,000 but why? Really why? Does Washington care so much about a man and his cattle, he does nothing to hurt the land truthfully he must maintain the land in pristine condition to feed his cattle, so why do they care, and why would they send basically an army to go hunt down this so called evil man, who only wants to provide food to all of us who eat meat. Was this really about the $1,000,000 or was this much more than that because as the facts begin to come out this is more like a land grab by a greedy criminal who is the head of the US Senate, and his minion who now runs the Bureau of Land Management, this was just an old style cattle rustlings, something that would have gotten any man hanged back in the day.

This is government out of control, armed as soldiers going into battle to fight an enemy not to enforce a law, but to raid and pillage without any repercussions from the people who supposedly elected them, neither Democrat or Republican not even the TEA Party REPS they all stayed quiet and we are supposed to be their bosses, this was just a dictatorships actions, one where if it were a Republican President every news organization would be screaming for his/her head on a platter, this should have shown all Americans that our freedoms are no longer safe, and the people we elect do not care about us at all, but in today’s world it is just a news blip, most of our so called news channels never even covered it, this one action needs to become the focus on all elections moving forward, it needs to rally each and every one of us, to stand up and demand that our government back away from controlling our lives, and let us all each and every one of us to remain free to build our own lives, support our families and to take charge ourselves, we don’t need Washington they need us and it is time we all follow what Cliven showed us, we are free and we have the rights and the ability to walk our own path.

The time of being pushed around by the big bully is over, we need to stand up and make sure we never get pushed around again.