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Boycott @CNN HOW??

By all of us rising up and letting the @GOP know that @CNN is to be barred from any interviews, debates, communication.
The time has come when we have to stand up and fight our so called News organizations that are now so full of liberal idiots, that we don’t get real news anymore we get left wing ideological mumbo jumbo, and CNN the so called Cable News Network has now crossed way over the line. They have what they would call a reporter Carol Costello @carolcnn and her attack on Sarah Palin’s family was just the latest from a network and a reporter who has decided to use their network and airtime to bash all Republicans and anyone else who does not subscribe to their mindset, this is not news this is an opinion one it seems that 99% of CNN’s staff has these days, they do not report the news anymore they use their time on air to completely embarrass themselves by attacking what over 80% of Americans feel and care about, then they try to use this airtime to convince us all that we are only a small minority and that we are all very wrong as a matter of fact not only wrong but that we are racists, we hate women, we hate everything that is good in the world and lastly that we need to be controlled and taught a lesson, well no matter how hard they try they are failing because people are tried so very tired of every night being told how evil we are and how good they are.
Well @CNN here is some news for you Carol Costello is a problem but not the cause of the problem, but she has now placed herself right in the middle of one of the largest fights America has ever been in, luckily this time it won’t cause a civil war, but it has drawn lines between the haves and have nots and Yes @CNN you are on the side of the Rich entitled HAVES you seem to think all your money all your high powered Democratic friends will protect you and keep you Rich while you beat down on the lowly poor American public. Guess what enough is enough you have taken a peaceful people and made them mad and though we cannot rise and boycott you out of existence we can do something that makes you’re so called News channel is relevant, we can use the power granted us as Americans and make sure you have no political power any longer.
The Republican party was just handed a major win by the people and it is time that WE THE PEOPLE ask for something, and this is going to hurt you @CNN so bad that you will either change how you report the News and who reports it or you will go bankrupt trying to fight back.
So here is what we are going to ask for and what we are going to get. We are calling on every American to stand up with us and let’s make sure that NO Republican at all does any interviews and stories and NOT ONE SINGLE Debate on @CNN again. It is time we show this so called News Organization that disrespecting a young lady like Sarah Palin’s daughter will not fly anymore, we need to all rise up Call, Write Tweet, Face book every single Republican in office the @GOP and of course @Reince Reince Pribeus the Chairman Republican National Committee to make sure they bar @CNN from any and all communication, say goodbye @CNN you are no longer relevant you will become a distant memory only.

Every one of you needs to Write, Call Tweet and Face book;  Yes repeating myself but this must be done to change things, let them know if they want our VOTE again they need to stand with us and block @CNN. The time is now that we show our real power and we change how OUR News is reported.
Stand up lets change America for the good, for Truth and for ourselves.

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